Monday, December 22, 2008

I'm back!!

HELLO friends and fellow bloggers.

I am now officially back..... on blog line that is. This is where you will now find me, my blog in a previous time 'All Things Scrap & Beautiful' is scrapped (LOL!!)

I cannot believe that it is Christmas in just 3 sleeps - the children in the house are getting very excited. The Santa Lists are done and sent - just hope jolly Santa can find us on Christmas Day as we will be in Swan Hill with hubby's family. We head off Christmas Eve. Quite a journey for us about 4.5 hours in all.

Typically I am as unorganised as ever (eyes rolling) Each year I tell myself that next year will be different but nevertheless it always ends up the being same. I have just been so busy and of course I have NOT had Murphy not on my side of late either. But hey we are getting there. Had the week from hell last week. Started the week with the automatic transmission failing and needing attention with my car, hubby was involved in an accident - he is O.K but obviously distressed about the whole thing. So there was the fall out from that, work and insurances related . Then we had a phone call telling us one of hubby's cousins was involved in a motor vehicle accident where the driver of the other car died. Everyone is just totally devasted, understandably so.

So far, this week, the phone hasn't rang with any bad news so we are off to a good start.

I haven't had much opportunity for scrapping of late. I am really missing just creating and playing with my scrap stash. Hopefully, with some changes next year will see me creating again. I have some earlier layouts and a couple of OTP projects which I will share with you soon
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