Thursday, February 23, 2012

The Restoration is complete

Check out my new wheels LOL!!

Now I have to say that I did have some fun and games when it game to altering this Twiddleybitz Combi Van.

And it certainly wasn't without it's trials and tribulations.

Firstly I painted all the chipboard pieces and as it was a nice sunny day, left them outside to dry.  Just so happened that the only black cloud of the day parked itself right over us and decided to rain about 10 minutes into the drying time.
 Hmmmm.... the water marked look now might add some additional interest.

So bitz are now moved under cover to finish drying. 

Now I did think that these were well and truly out of  puppy reach..... 

At this point, let me introduce you to Mst Leo 

..... but he still worked out a way of getting to them - I guess he just loves Twiddleybitz as well.
Hmmmm..... not looking good at all now.  
Won't repeat here exactly what I said, I'll spare you those details... let's just say that I was not a very happy camper.

The poor combi van was certainly looking very sad and was now heading for a major restoration, if not the bin.  I  did seriously wonder whether I could salvage it.  

A lot of recovering with patterned paper and a little creativity were needed to camouflage the damage as it was too extensive to sand and try and cover with paint.

I have to say though, after all of the extra improvisations, I do like how it has turned out - not quite has I had originally envisaged, but pretty close.  

Anyway, the doors of the van open up which is very cool feature

Inside you will find some 'summer lovin'

The older Bo Bunny papers were perfect for the fun and hippy feel I wanted to recreate.
Some cut out hibiscus flowers from the Kaiser Seaside Collection were added to the mix.
I also made some mock /f aux surfboards and a couple of these were mounted to the roof of the combi. 

Twiddleybitz Products Used:

BK0013 Combi Van
ALPHA005 Itty Bitty Alpha
ALPH004 Twiddley Square Alpha

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