Sunday, March 18, 2012

TSC Music Day and some other stuff.....

Hi Everyone,

I am sorry that I am just a wee bit late with sharing this with you all.   How in a blink of an eye and a split moment decision to go left instead of right can change everything.  Recently, my husband Rob, I and our two beautiful girls Eloise and Nikayla, were involved in a fairly serious car accident.  Our 4WD has been deemed a total loss (write off) by the insurer and it is taking us a bit of time to deal with the trauma and the aftermath.  

I won't be putting pictures up of the accident, I just find them far too distressing.   Some things are better left unseen.

I want you to know that we are O.K –  we are all very sore, have some nasty bruising and contusions and are very shook up. I am seriously thanking some one above for getting us all out of it alive.  We are extremely, EXTREMELY fortunate.   Emotionally, I am shattered – I think that it will be a very, very long time before the image of that tree is not there every time I close my eyes.  I am still haunted by this and the hysterical screams of my precious girls.  I guess the only thing that gave me any solace at the time, if I can say this, is that during and after impact they were still screaming which told me that they were still with us. 
 I am just so proud of them, they were so very brave.   

I am seriously embracing the fact that we are all still here.  I would also like to take this opportunity to thank the emergency services who attended and assisted us greatly on the day.  Heartfelt thanks to the paramedics  Brett and Linda who did an absolutely fabulous job, the police and the salvage team who came in and cleared the accident scene.  I would also like to pass along thanks to the medical staff at Wangaratta Hospital who took care of us and a special thank you to my brother who did a 6 hour round journey to come and get us and take us home.  To our family and special friends - Thank You from the bottom of our hearts for your continual love, support and concern.

I will now sign off,  but before I do, I will leave you with a project that has been shared recently on The ScrapCake blog.

We were asked to create a project inspired by our favourite song.
‘Because You Loved Me’  

 My Dad has not been so well of late and it would be ironic that I happened be travelling to hospital to visit him recently when this song began to play on the radio.  It was Celine Dion’s ‘Because you loved me’, perhaps one of my favorites of hers and also one of Dad’s favorite song artists.  The words and sentiment of the song tug at my heart as does this photo and it seemed appropriate to put the two together. 
 Most of my childhood memories are on slides and it has only been of recent time that we have had the opportunity to scan some them and upload to a digital file.
I came across this one recently of my Dad and my brother and I.  It was taken when I think I would have been about 3 years of age.  We used to spend many a happy weekend at the parks with a picnic.

And a closer look:

I have combined The Scrap Cake One Moment In Time Collection  

 with some pretty Prima Blooms

 and Twiddleybitz chipboard.


One Moment In Time – For A LifeTime
One Moment In Time – Make It Shine
One Moment In Time – All Of My Dreams
One Moment In Time – 6 x 6 Paper Pad


#555580 Essential Petals Songbird
#556211 Vinetta Almanac
#553319 Coventry Rose Pixie Glen
#552466 Avon Rose Pixie Glen
#549008 Sugar Blooms Celebrate
#538668 Fairytale Roses Teal
#538606 Fairytale Roses Orchid
#538712 Cameo Roses Azalea
#538736 Cameo Roses 
#539412 Ameruse Duchess Mix
#543563 Essentials 9 Annalee
Painterly Petals Hyderangea
Love Letters Roses - Pink
#555368 Alphabet Stickers

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