Thursday, November 15, 2012

For the birthday girl...

The Kaisercraft Butterfly Kisses collection was perfect for creating something 'beautiful, gorgeous and pretty'....

Just what every birthday girl wants for her special day.

A special party hat
The template for the party hat was created by tracing around a hat that I had here.  An alternative is to trace around a dinner plate, cut out and remove a quadrant. Then wrap/fold around to form a cone shape and secure with double sided tape/glue. 
Sea Breeze Ribbon Roses coordinate beautifully with this collection.    

A Loot Box
Similarly to the party hat, create a template for the loot box by tracing around an existing one.  Score where the box folds to create nice crisp fold lines.  These can also be easily personalised with a name.
Large Pin Wheels created from coordinating patterned papers embellish the box along with some paper ribbon curls.

And a 'sweet' party decoration

Sweet wishes to the birthday girl!
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