Friday, April 7, 2017

2CC - Dragon's Egg

Hello Everyone,

Today I am sharing some more 2Crafty Chipboard inspiration.  

I have a medieval, steampunk inspired twist on the classic styrofoam egg.  I have been 'hatching' this idea for a while - for as long as I have been hanging onto this 'saved' McDonald's dragon happy toy!

'Dragon's Egg'

It was a fiery red colour, but a coat of paint and some colour sprays changed it to coordinate  - I also added Prima Micro Beads to the wings and along the back of the dragon to add extra texture and detail.  
Texture was added to the surface of the egg with a Moroccan Panel.  Pieces were
 trimmed and adhered in place. The egg was then painted with black gesso and
 colour added with sprays in layers to build up the intensity.

Chain Length was wrapped around the middle of the egg.
Medium and Small Steampunk Gears were also used to embellish
the egg along with metal elements.

 A dragon's nest was made out of Fishing Net Bits.  
The look of these resonated chain mesh to me.

I created a stand from an empty ribbon spool with chipboard Barbed Wire wrapped around the middle.

I have included a video sharing the creative process of my dragon's egg:


2Crafty Chipboard Products:

Steampunk Gears Medium
Steampunk Gears Small
Asst Chain Lengths
Barbed Wire
Fishing Net Bits
Moroccan Panel
Scroll 3

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