Sunday, February 7, 2010

12 Months On.......

....and still we remember, and we will never ever forget. Trust me when I say - I WILL NEVER FORGET. February 7th 2009 will forever be etched in our memories. You may recall my post from last year 'Nature's Fury' - So much heartache, hearbreak, the physical and emotional toll on everybody has been huge. During the last 12 months, our community has been rebuilding - it has been tough and slow going process and for some the healing process may never be complete. For those who have stayed, just as many have moved away

Our little community has been touched by the overwhelming support and assistance it has received and for this we are always eternally grateful. But even after the buildings are replaced, the emotional toll will be huge and this will take longer to heal from - if we can

From This.......

To This....

It truly is amazing how out of the ashes, new life abounds.

Life goes on, does.... and so do we - moving forward. We were so very fortunate that we still have our loved ones and our home and we thank our lucky stars for this ... but you can't go through something like this and not come out it unaffected in some way. I know having faced this day head on and with the very likely possibility of losing everything, I look at things in a totally different way. Things that 'seemed' of so much importance before this happened now aren't. This experience has made me re evaluate my life - Hence some of the changes I made last year .... I don't know if one can truly ever get over something like this...... maybe it will get a little easier to live with as each day passes; I hope and pray that it does

Cherish your loved ones and make the most of each day, celebrate and find joy in the little things that we can and do take for granted and live with no regrets
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