Saturday, January 30, 2010

Introducing my latest addition

Meet my BAAABra everyone

I reckon that this would have to be the best sheep to have if you had to have one - no shearing, no feeding, no crutching and no drenching required

As the story goes.... DH took Miss 5.0 and Miss 2.5 to the shop (I'm suspecting hardware store as this is the only shop that DH will venture into) to search for the 'perfect' Christmas pressie for mummy. Apparently sheepie was at the front of the store and the girls instantly decided that this was what was required - 'Mummy will just LOVE it' according to Miss 5.O. To Daddy's credit he did try the art of persuasion and offer other ideas of concrete sculptures that he thought Mummy would like better.... Gosh bless his cotton socks

No the sheep was still in the blue ribbon category... until Miss 5.0 spied a shocking pink flamingo and thought that this might be the go but Daddy with his art of persuasion decided that the sheep was most probably the best bet out of the 2.

So there you go that's the story of how the sheep came home for Christmas and I have to say that Daddy did look rather 'sheepish' when he presented it to me Christmas morning...............
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